Taiheiyo Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Safety & Environment

Safety Navigation

TKK is complying with every kind of International Treaty, operating and managing vessels putting importance especially on:

(1) Crew Education

To meet and go beyond international standard, we educate Filipino crews by using Ship Management System consisted by our knowledge in long experience, to give crews the accurate comprehension of navigating and handling engine.

(2) Maintenance and Management

To understand detailed vessel condition, our technicians analyze various vessels' data based on their rich experience and take necessary actions in time. In discharging operation in Japanese ports, our maritime officer always visits a vessel and superintends the operation including coordination with shore labors. Also in docking, we conduct thorough maintenance for vessels with detailed inspection of every part.

(3) Risk Management

We establish Risk Management structure comprised of our Business Department and Ship Administration Department to prevent maritime accident. Also we constantly conduct an exercise with charterers' cooperation to minimize the effects on human lives and environment in case of maritime accident.

Enviromental Conservation

TKK works on prevention of environmental pollution by vessel operation in various ways, and emphasizes especially on:

(1) Ballast Water Management

Abnormal occurrence of aquatic lives by cross-boundary movement with ballast water is one of serious global issues.
We are selecting the optimum Ballast Water Management System and preparing its installment in accordance with "International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship's Ballast Water and Sediments" effecting in September, 2017.

(2) Air Pollution Management

We are introducing electronically controlled engine and preparing the necessary installment to reduce NOx and/or SOx below its reference values set by IMO.

(3) Ship Recycling

Negative influence to environment by scrapping and scrapping under poor condition are also ones of serious global issues.
IMO adopted “Ship Recycling Convention” in 2009 and each country ratifies this Convention for effectuation.
We are preparing for its ratification and effectuation by making inventory to pinpoint the location and analyze approximate quantity of hazardous substance on board.

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